Basic info
Name Scout
Gender Male
Species Dog
Color Green
Status Alive
First appearance The amazing alphabet amusement park
Year(S) 2009-present
Quote Let's go, team!


Scout is a bright green puppy with a blue collar who along with his friends learn subjects like: the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and spelling.

He is the team leader and loves to play games with his friends.


Scout loves to play games.

Scout seems to, but is unknown for sure, have a crush on Violet.


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Apperances Edit

Phonics farm


Adventures in Shapeville park

The Magnificent meuseum of opposite words

Fun facts Edit

  • is friends with Violet, Eli, and Penny.
  • drives Axel.
  • seems to have a crush on Violet.
  • Shown hugging Violet while asleep in Phonics farm.
  • Is available along with Violet as a stuffed toy from LeapFrog that can learn its owners name and other information such as favorite color and food, play music, and otherwise interact.


I know, I'll bet Axel can tow the Bus into town!

-Scout in Numberland

You did it, Violet!

-Scout in Adventures in Shapeville park





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